Before buying a Men’s Shoulder Bag read this

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Even a purchase like that of a men’s shoulder bag can be done with your eyes closed, or with a minimum of caution. Here are the things to keep in mind when making the choice, so that we can equip ourselves with a useful accessory for our needs, and not something that we would end up abandoning in a few weeks.

The shoulder strap is essential

Select a bag with a shoulder strap of comfortable width for your shoulder. Since a shoulder strap is located on the muscles located between the spine and the shoulder, it will invariably place significant pressure and stress on these muscles. If the shoulder strap is too tight or too loose for this shoulder area, you will start to feel uncomfortable pretty quickly. Test the shoulder bag strap before making a purchase, to make sure the shoulder strap width fits comfortably on your shoulder.

It must not slip off the shoulder

Look for a shoulder bag that has snug materials on the underside of the shoulder strap. These snug materials will allow you to place the shoulder strap on your shoulder and keep it where you put it. If the materials are ineffective you will have to constantly reposition the shoulder strap, which means fatigue and discomfort throughout the day.
The shoulder straps must flex according to the shape of your shoulder, for maximum comfort. Once the shoulder strap is placed in a comfortable position, the bag should stay in place on the shoulder, and not worry you anymore.

How much will you load your shoulder bag, on average?

Fill the bag with the items you will carry inside. The average weight for a shoulder bag is between 5-10 kg. As long as the shoulder strap meets the above criteria, you shouldn’t have a hard time carrying around a shoulder bag with this weight.

The final test

Place the shoulder strap over the shoulder so that the width of the strap is directly over the shoulder muscles (between the collarbone and the neck). Bend your arm at the elbow and lightly support the bag by placing your arm on top of it, and holding on to the front strap. If this is done without problems, the bag is able to position itself correctly. If it fails despite the shoulder strap adjustments, that model probably isn’t for you.

And here is a selection of 10 men’s shoulder bags chosen from the best on the market, also taking into account the construction components and the design. Because let’s face it, functionality and practicality are not the only things that matter: the eye also wants its part.

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