Bra: how to find your perfect size

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To find your perfect bra size you must first calculate your measurements precisely, which however must be recalculated every now and then, as they can vary over the course of life.

Underbust circumference

Measure your underbust circumference by placing the tape measure just below the bra, making sure it is straight at the back and level under the bust.

Chest circumference

Measure the circumference of the chest by placing the tape measure around the fullest part of the bust, without tightening too much. Again, make sure it’s straight on the back.

The cup

In general, the circumference of the chest under the breast should be rounded to the nearest multiple of 5 (for example, if you measure 86, consider 85, if you measure 88, calculate 90).
The cup is the difference between the circumference under the breast so rounded, and that around the breast. The smaller the difference, the smaller the cup will be (e.g. A, B cup). The bigger the difference, the bigger the cup (C, D).
The letters used to catalog the cups, typically A-B-C-D, indicate the depth of these. Cup A is rather flat, all the following cups are progressively deeper and more capacious. In practice, a C or D cup corresponds to a fourth, but sometimes taking a fourth the bra moves too much because it can stay wide in the chest, so it is better to take a second with cup C or D (it depends from the bra brand). The thing is also true in reverse, there are women with large chest and small breasts who get along well with a fourth with cup A or B.

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