How to avoid SD Card problems, and the 10 most reliable

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SD cards suddenly slowing down are a wake-up call. What’s worse, SD cards can also stop working suddenly. However, there are ways to avoid this problem once and for all.

Today we will help you discover the best habits to avoid SD card problems. With this in mind, you can allow your SD card to work well for a long time, without any failure.

Turn off your camera before removing the card

Sometimes we forget to turn off the camera while pulling out the SD card. In such cases, the camera continues to read or write to the SD card, which can corrupt the data. If you want to avoid this problem, make sure you take out the SD card only after turning off the camera. This will ensure the safety of your SD card, and make it last longer.

Always stop shooting when the battery is running low

Many people continue to shoot with a dead battery when using a camera. However, they don’t realize that once the battery runs out completely, the card will suddenly be disconnected. This can damage your entire photo session, which is why you should always remember to stop shooting when the battery is over-discharged.

Backup is a lifesaver

Whenever you use an SD card, it is advisable to make a backup. Since a SD card doesn’t always give obvious signals before it stops working, you can be at risk of losing all your data. If you want to avoid this, backup is the perfect solution. Always keep in mind to bring another SD card with you.

Do not use a SD card if it shows errors

When your SD card starts showing errors, this is a pretty obvious warning sign. You should immediately stop using the card in these cases, and make a backup of your data.

SD cards are an absolutely useful tool, but they may require a little more attention than other storage media. Here are the 10 most reliable SD cards on the market, and the best performing.

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