How to carry a Fashion Backpack and not look like a schoolgirl

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Let’s face it, women’s fashion backpacks are super comfortable and you can fit a lot of stuff in them. In fact, backpacks have moved from high school corridors to high fashion catwalks, becoming a new trend. But how to carry a backpack bag at 40, 50+ so that it looks just elegant?

Luxury finishes

Polyester, nylon and canvas may be functional materials for travel backpacks, but they are too ordinary for a trendy bag. The best backpacks are elegant and sophisticated, made with luxurious fabrics such as leather, suede and even velvet, for a adult and high-end look.

Pay attention to the details that make fashion

Women’s fashion backpacks create an inherently casual vibe, so to look sophisticated choose one with a distinctive line and high fashion details. Golden hinges for example, and a foldable flap that allows you to expand the bag when you need more space. Adjustable shoulder straps and a sturdy rolled top handle allow you to go from a simple backpack to a chic bag in a flash. Large patch pockets and woven laces can give a daypack a fresh, urban look. You can carry a backpack on your arm or wear it on your back, indifferently.

Don’t look childish

The great thing about backpack bags is that there is one for every personality, from the most feminine, to the rustic to the most daring. However, too much printing, mellow colors, faux fur and excessive shine are details to avoid in order not to look childish.

Maintain a sophisticated look

Finding the perfect fashion backpack is only half of the equation. If you want to look fabulous wearing a backpack bag at any age, you need to combine it with something modern and sophisticated. This doesn’t mean too elegant: a casual attire is great, as long as your outfit is current and classy.

If you’re wearing a trendy backpack bag with old-fashioned jeans, an old baggy sweatshirt and boring shoes… well, need we say more? The same applies if you wear it with something too un-feminine, like a ruffled skirt or Mary Jane shoes… do you really want to look like a schoolgirl?

Carry it on your shoulder

Fashion backpacks don’t have to be worn as mountain backpacks (although it’s handy when you want to go around hands-free). They actually look more chic when worn on the shoulder.

Some have a longer handle and can be carried like a bag, or worn in the crook of the arm. It is up to you to decide which way you prefer, and which one you feel most comfortable with.

And if you ever get tired – heck – you still have a large extra travel bag! Although the ten models we have chosen below will hardly ever tire, they are beautiful and always up-to-date fashion backpacks!

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