How to choose the best Gaming Chair for your needs

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Nothing beats the comfort that a gaming chair can offer, while hunting down your enemies in Fortnite, or in the middle of a football match… or maybe even when are you working.

So, if you’re looking to add that final yet important touch to your gaming station, and perhaps impress your friends, this guide will walk you through what you need to look for in a gaming chair.

Determine the type of gaming chair you actually need

There are actually several types of gaming chairs available on the market, made for different types of players:

PC gaming chairs

In practice, they are advanced versions of office chairs. However, PC gaming chairs are made with increased user comfort, with additional levels of cushioning, more adjustment options, and add-ons like built-in speakers.

Game chairs with platform

Also known as rocker gaming chairs, they are meant for console gamers. They have no legs or wheels, so you are sitting almost on the ground. They are perfect for relaxing while you are deeply involved in the game. These platform chairs can wobble, and they often have pockets for storing various controllers. However, due to their construction, they are not ideal for PC gaming.

Hybrid gaming chairs

These chairs are a cross between PC gaming chairs and platform gaming chairs. To get an idea, think of a recliner installed on a swivel base.
The most advanced type of hybrid is the one that already comes with monitors, speakers, and other gaming devices, such as a steering wheel. However, this can be a bit out of the price range for novice gamers.

So before you evaluate a gaming chair, determine if you are more of a PC gamer, or a console gamer, or both. Sometimes the ideal is to have two separate gaming chairs. Also, keep compatibility in mind when choosing a platform gaming chair. For example, make sure that the gaming chair you purchase is compatible with your console’s gaming accessories.

The importance of armrests

During a particularly long play session, you don’t want your arms to tire, forcing yourself to pause the game to rest. That’s why armrests are vital. The armrests provide that leverage you need while playing, so your elbows aren’t put under undue stress. Not only that: prolonged exertion could also lead to pain in the shoulders and neck. It is advisable to choose gaming chairs with adjustable armrests, according to your height.

Comfortable back support is essential

Since you will be sitting for a long time, you want your back (and your whole body too) to feel relaxed at all times. A game chair with back support (lumbar support) reduces strain on the lower back, and even promotes good posture. Gaming chairs with adjustable backrest support are preferred.

Consider the built-in functionality of a gaming chair

When choosing a gaming chair, check all its features. In addition to the adjustable armrests, is it also equipped with a retractable footrest? Are there any built-in speakers, subwoofers, or bluetooth inputs and maybe a headphone jack?

Check the construction materials used

The shape of the fabric is more a matter of personal taste; leather chairs, on the other hand, are characterized by greater durability. Fabric chairs, on the other hand, are known to focus more on comfort. They are often made with an emphasis on ventilation, preventing the accumulation of sweat and skin irritation, which is good, especially in the summer months. As for the stand and wheels, the only thing you need to consider is whether they can support your weight.

Is it elegant enough to fit your game setup?

Your gaming chair should ideally fit in with the theme of your setup, also from an aesthetic point of view. Fortunately, there is a large selection of gaming chairs available today, so you have more freedom of choice.

Below we have finally selected the 10 best gaming chairs currently on the market, for comfort and quality/price ratio.

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