How to find the right Women’s Swimsuit for you

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For a woman, finding the right swimsuit is not always easy. However, there are some simple tricks that can make us look at our best, and enhance the figure of every woman, depending on your physical characteristics. Let’s see them together.

A matter of bust

To some extent, the type of bust determines the most appropriate swimsuit style for your body. If you have a short torso, the distance from the armpits to the narrowest part of the waist, just above the navel, is less than the distance from the waist to the hipbone. And if the opposite is true and that second distance is greater, then you have a long bust.
These distinctions are important, because they can help you make the right choice for your body. With a short bust, it is best to choose a costume that gives the illusion of a more elongated figure. A one-piece swimsuit is a great choice, especially if it features asymmetrical or vertical color blocks, which help convey a more slender look. A turtleneck swimsuit is a very good choice for a woman with a short bust, because it draws the eye upwards and creates a balanced effect.
Women with a figure with a long bust, on the other hand, have the opposite goal: strategically “break” the body into portions to create the illusion of a shorter silhouette. Look for styles that naturally shorten the length of the bust, like a tankini top and bikini bottom in a vibrant color palette. Try to avoid swimsuits that feature straight lines on the hips, as they can further stretch the bust.

Form matters too!

Think about the areas of your body that you want to draw attention to the most, and what areas you may want to hide a little. The right swimsuit can help you achieve these goals easily! If your upper body is wider than your hips, your goal is to bring your attention down, for a more balanced effect. To make this happen easily, opt for a dress with some sort of eye-catching detail at the bottom; swim skirt pants are a great alternative to traditional pants, when your goal is to balance your look.
Conversely, if your hips are wider than your upper body, you may want to draw attention upwards. It is vital to find swimwear that features some kind of meaningful detail on the top, such as a vibrant pattern or strategic decoration that catches the eye. For example, you could opt for a costume that features a solid dark color at the bottom, and a bold floral pattern at the top. If, on the other hand, you have balanced shapes both in the upper and lower part, try to draw attention to the waist, for a sinuous effect. This is easy with a swimsuit with accessories at the waist, such as a wide belt or strategic drapery. Avoid solid colors, which are less likely to create that defined line you want.
By having a wider core, you want to achieve a similar effect: definition in life and an illusion of shape and balance. Belly control swimwear features details such as a strategically placed gathered waist, wide bands (always at the waist), and fitted fabrics, to help you achieve your desired results.

The chest

The upper body also plays an important role in choosing the right swimsuit for your type of figure. If you have small breasts, you can look for features that give some additional curves, such as padding or lifting. Details like ruffles and horizontal stripes also deceive the eye, and give the appearance of fuller breasts.
Instead, you need significant upper body support and coverage if you have large breasts. Always look for swimwear with sturdy straps, to make sure you always feel comfortable both in the water and on shore. A one-piece swimsuit with underwire is a safe and stylish choice that will make you feel great, even when wearing it all day long. If you prefer a more minimal look, try something with more coverage.

Finally, here is our selection of the 10 best women’s swimsuits: the choice is yours!

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