Laptops: The best Apple Mac Laptop

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If you’ve chosen the macOS philosophy or need great technical support, a MacBook is a safe bet: 13-inch models offer the best combination of size, weight and speed, and are great for writers, office workers, commuters and college students. Apple’s new MacBooks also include Apple-designed new processors, which help them run faster and quieter than most laptops, with a longer lifespan, exceptional battery.

MacBook Air: Top performance and battery life

The MacBook Air 2020 uses an Apple M1 chip that offers good performance and fantastic battery life at a reasonable price. The new Air keyboard is optimized at its best, as Apple has replaced the shallow, fail-prone switches of the 2018 and 2019-era MacBook Airs with much more resilient switches. Like Apple’s other laptops, the Air has two Thunderbolt 3/USB-C ports, which may require the use of hubs or new cables. The light weight, the solid construction and the industry-leading stand make it a great laptop, especially if you also own an iPhone or other Apple devices.

If you need a more powerful Mac or a larger screen, you could also choose other models from the MacBook line:

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