Laser, Multifunction, Inkjet? This is how you find the perfect Printer

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Printers to choose from are really many: how to make the most convenient choice for our needs then, among all the models available? The sheer amount of options can really make it difficult to identify what is most appropriate for our case.

If you’re looking for a new printer for a company or home office, here’s an overview of what features to look for, and what to expect.

The best office printer

The most common printing options for corporate offices are inkjet and laser printers. Inkjet printers are great for printing text, graphics and photos, but they tend to be slower than laser printers. Laser printers, on the other hand, excel at printing text documents, mainly in black and white at high speed.

As most businesses outsource color printing jobs (such as brochures), laser printers are the most popular choice among business owners for speed, high yield, and high quality text printing.. These benefits help offset the typically higher cost of laser printers.

The best printer for a home office

Although every home office is different, some valid generalizations still apply.

All-in-one inkjet printers are a popular choice for anyone with a home office. This is because they are incredibly versatile: they allow color printing, black and white text printing, copying and scanning, all with one compact device.

However, laser printers may be the best choice if you regularly print large amounts of black and white text, and never expect to print graphics, or in color.

The best multifunction printer

All-in-one printers (AIO) offer not only printing capabilities, but also the ability to copy, scan, and (in some cases) send faxes. They are a great option for both corporate and home offices because they offer great versatility and maximize space efficiency, and are generally cheaper than buying single and single-function devices. To guide you in your choice, follow these tips:

– Inkjet or laser, depending on your needs. If you choose an inkjet printer because you occasionally print photos, you might also want to consider a printer that includes a memory card reader, so you can print photos directly from a camera or smart device.
– A flatbed scanner, instead of one that requires you to pass the sheets to be scanned through the paper feed. This greatly improves the scanning functionality, as it allows you to scan books, brochures and other documents that cannot be loaded in this manner.
Two-sided printing functionality, to reduce paper costs.
Wireless connectivity, to enable mobile printing and printing from multiple devices.
– Ability to handle large paper, if you regularly print flyers, posters or the like.

The best wireless printer

As you can see from the previous sections, wireless printing is considered a must for businesses of all sizes. Wireless printers can offer several features, including:

Mobile printing support, which means that many wireless printers can print directly from iOS or Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. This is incredibly useful if you regularly conduct work on these types of tools.
Direct wireless printing, which allows computers and printers to connect to each other via a peer-to-peer connection that does not require a wireless access point. This technology is not essential, but it may be more in demand in the future as the Internet of Things continues to grow.
Ethernet functionality, for those times when Wi-Fi goes down or you want to print as quickly as possible. This is a strategic investment, so your productivity isn’t compromised in the absence of Wi-Fi.

Based on the above considerations, the perfect printer for your needs shouldn’t be hard to find now, also taking into account what (in our opinion) are the 10 best printers on the market: you can find them below.

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