Pay attention to the choice of your Electric Toothbrush: the best 10

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If you are like most people, you will spend around 23 days brushing your teeth over the course of your life.

This is the estimated average, according to the American Academy of General Dentistry. Seventy seconds per brushing session (the average) may seem excessive, but in fact it is still not enough: we should brush for two or three minutes each time, once in the morning and once in the evening, and that would take about 70 days of life. Incredible right?

If you will spend so much time brushing your teeth, it is definitely in your best interest to use tools that provide the best results.

A manual toothbrush works well, with the right technique, but an electric toothbrush is superior in many ways.

The advantages of using an Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes can remove food and plaque from teeth and gums more effectively than manual toothbrushes, providing deeper cleaning. This helps keep tooth decay, gingivitis and gum disease at bay.

– You can time the session
It’s hard to keep track of the time you spend brushing your teeth. We recommend using an electric toothbrush with a built-in timer that beeps or vibrates every 30 seconds (the amount of time you should spend on each quadrant of your mouth) or after 2 minutes, to let you know you’re done.
This way, you can safely let your mind wander, without compromising oral hygiene!

– Deep cleansing
Electric toothbrushes move at faster speed and the rotating head allows you to reach all corners of your mouth, including hard-to-reach areas. If you have sensitive gums or teeth, you can choose a model that allows you to reduce speed and pressure.

– Easier to manage
An electric toothbrush requires less energy from you, as the movement is automatically powered by the technology. All you have to do is to move the toothbrush gently, for the recommended time.
This is also a good option for the elderly, and for people with limited arm or hand movements.

– Rechargeable is the best
While rechargeable toothbrushes cost more than the disposable battery-powered varieties, you can recharge them from the included adapter. This means you don’t have to worry about changing batteries over time (which costs more in the long run and is not good for the environment).

– Choose a small head with oscillating motion
A small head will help clean those stubborn spots that are hard to reach. Brushes that move with a back and forth rocking motion are more effective than those with a simple circular motion. Avoid electric toothbrushes which have a vibration function, but no movement.

– Head spares and base sharing
The ability to remove the toothbrush head means that other people in your family can use the same unit (by attaching their own brush head). Make sure the heads are different colors so you can easily identify yours.
But even if you are the only one in your family who uses this technology, stay away from units that don’t allow you to change heads, as this means that you have to replace the entire unit, if necessary!

– Integrated functions
Timer: it’s worth repeating, as not all electric toothbrushes come with this feature, but it’s a useful tool that encourages people to brush for 2 minutes. Don’t underestimate this feature!
Speed: it is useful to choose different speeds and pressures, depending on the sensitivity of your gums and teeth.
Indicator bristles: Some brush heads have bristles that slowly lose their color, and turn white when it’s time to change them (usually every three months). While it’s not necessary, it’s a good way to remember it.

An Electric Toothbrush is not a substitute for good oral hygiene

Remember: while cleaning your teeth with an electric toothbrush makes the job easier, you still need to take care of your mouth, by maintaining a solid brushing and flossing routine. It is also a good idea to visit your dentist for regular checkups, and to remove stubborn plaque that has built up over time.

And here is the selection of the best that the market offers: the 10 best electric toothbrushes, easily purchasable on Amazon.

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