Professional Laptops: the best Windows Laptop for Photo and Video Editing

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If you are a creative professional and want a Windows laptop more powerful than an ultrabook, with a larger, higher resolution screen, and a faster graphics processor, you should buy a so-called “professional laptop“. A professional laptop is ideal if you work as an audio, video or photo editor, or if you do a lot of 3D modeling, but still want something light and portable enough.

Ideal for video and photo editing

The Dell XPS 15 9500 has a fantastic screen that offers more vertical pixels than typical 4K displays; it is also very accurate in its color reproduction, which is fundamental for video and photo editing. It has three Thunderbolt 3 ports and a full-sized SD card reader, and its performance is excellent. The keyboard and trackpad are pleasant to use, and the battery life is definitely good for such a powerful laptop. Plus, if you want to add more memory or storage later, you can easily access your laptop memory and expansion slots by easily opening the bottom panel. It also has a second M.2 slot so you can install a second SSD. Like all professional laptops, it’s more expensive than a typical notebook, but it’s more than reasonable for what it offers.

Here are some alternatives, chosen from the best professional laptops:

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