Slanket: the Blanket with Sleeves that you won’t be able to do without

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It’s a blanket. But it has sleeves. So… it’s a slanket!

It seems that the idea of launching a blanket to wear on the market came years ago to a company that marketed it precisely as “Slanket: The Original Blanket with Sleeves” (“SL” from sleeves and “ANCKET” from blanket), and the public liked it a lot, so much so that today it is also produced by other companies.

If you’re a blanket, sleeves are better

Super soft to the touch and light, these warm fleece blankets have large sleeves, to wrap us completely in comfort. Stay buried in soft warmth and coziness in such a simple and practical way that you wonder how it is possible that no one has ever thought of it before.

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