The 10 most comfortable and elegant Women’s Jackets

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The right woman’s jacket makes any feminine outfit elegant and always up-to-date, year after year. If you choose a classic color or pattern, it can be used to dress many other garments in your wardrobe. To enhance the silhouette, be sure to choose a modern cut that fits your shape, and made with a good quality fabric. If you’re on a tight budget, remember that you can always find great second-hand or vintage pieces at charity shops.

The material matters!

To maximize the durability of your jacket, pay close attention to the main fabric it is made of. Wool is definitely the best material for use throughout the year, providing the most durable option and the best overall properties. Beautiful tweeds are timeless and regularly return to fashion. For the warmer months, you may prefer cotton or linen and choose an unlined garment. If you choose a fitted jacket, it is best to choose a slightly elastic fabric.

Style matters

Women’s single-breasted jackets usually fit women’s bodies better than double-breasted jackets. For a more elegant look, some tailored jackets and blazers come with very discreet lacing, or even no lacing (if designed to be worn open). Choose a contemporary style with a fitted waist that will enhance your silhouette. The classic blazer will have front welt pockets, as well as a breast pocket. If you are looking for a more casual look, choose a blazer with narrow cuffs and collar. Remember to check the finishes and the inside of the jacket, to check the quality of the seams and linings used.

Color code

Blazers and women’s jackets in solid colors are always easier to combine with other garments than printed or patterned ones. The most versatile blazers come in simple classic colors like black, gray or dark blue. However, bold colors can work well too (depending on your wardrobe color palette!). If you prefer a pattern, go for traditional ones, some of which are also available in brighter colors. Also interesting are some jacket linings, available in beautiful colors and prints.

Take care of your clothes

Brushing the jacket regularly with a soft, clean brush and airing it after use, will help keep it clean and make it last longer.

To preserve the drape and shape, hang the jackets on a sturdy plastic or wooden hanger; avoid thin metal hangers which do not have the strength to maintain the natural line of the shoulders of the jackets. If your jacket is made of wool, try to avoid damage caused by moths. For a deeper clean, follow the instructions on the label carefully. Most blazers and jackets can be dry clean only, but you can also find machine washable ones, even if they are made of wool. Make sure you respect the washing temperature, cycle and spin cycle recommended on the label.

Here then is an overview of the best women’s jackets, fashionable and with a high degree of wearability, available immediately for purchase.

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