The best Coffee Grinder: how to choose it, and the 10 top models

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Coffee is perhaps the most popular drink in the world. As such, it makes sense that most coffee drinkers want to enjoy the best possible cup. This could mean having to source coffee beans from a certain part of the world, or from a particular producer.

For many people, it’s simply a matter of going to their favorite coffee shop and ordering. For true connoisseurs, it is essential to obtain fresh roasted whole coffee, preferably from a local roaster, and then prepare the coffee yourself at home.

But it’s not that simple. No matter how awesome your coffee maker is or how excellent the beans are, if you overheat them during the grinding process or if you get inconsistent grind, the coffee won’t taste like you had in mind. This makes it imperative to buy the right coffee grinder.

There are basically two different types of coffee grinders you can choose from. Both can work depending on your particular wants and needs, but you will want to understand the difference between them so that you can make an effective choice.

Blade grinder

They are somewhat similar to a food processor, in that they have a blade that resembles them. You will generally find this type of grinder less expensive than the others. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get a decent grind, it’s simply that it will work differently than a mill grind.

There are some who suggest that this is not a coffee grinder at all, due to how it works. Since the blades spin similar to a rotary plane, they tend to cut, break and beat the kernels. This is certainly not how the action of “grinding” is defined.

The beans are poured over the blades, and then there will be a button that starts to turn the blade or, if operated by hand, you have to operate the special crank. When the blade starts spinning it will break apart and cut the kernels into smaller pieces.

Depending on your preferences, you may want a finer or more full-bodied coffee bean. To have the finest coffee bean it is sufficient to let the blades rotate for a longer period of time, such as when preparing it for a drip coffee maker.

Milling grinder

There is a reason why people who make their own coffee think this type of grinder is the best. For one thing, it is the most common type found in upscale venues.

This alone is a fact that is hard to overlook when trying to decide which of these types of coffee grinders is the best. It is also common to find this type of coffee grinder used in the homes of true coffee enthusiasts.

A milling grinder seriously grinds the coffee beans, rubbing them between the abrasive surfaces. This process guarantees a very consistent grind.

Are all cutters the same?

If you decide to use a milling grinder, however, you will have to choose between different types. Essentially there are flat and conical cutters.

A flat cutter uses special discs, while a conical cutter uses cones that are located one inside the other. Not everyone likes the flat grinder because some of the coffee beans can get stuck in the cutters, which means you lose some of them in the process.

Conical grinders are said to be much more forgiving when you need to make an adjustment to get the right grind. In short, they are easier to adjust.

Manual or electric coffee grinder?

Very often a manual cutter can produce just as good quality as an electric one. There are also those who believe that this type of coffee grinder produces finer grounds. The real downside is that it is a slower process.

If you want something that does a great job and does it easier and in less time, then you can go for an electric version. A manual coffee grinder may take up to 10 minutes to prepare the right ground for espresso.

Final thoughts

Coffee is a drink that much of the world absolutely loves. Ultimately, price, time and convenience are the three main criteria to consider when choosing a coffee grinder, to keep in mind when deciding which type to buy.

Below is a selection of the 10 best coffee grinders that can be conveniently purchased online on Amazon, at least in our opinion (and in that of the numerous customers who have purchased them).

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