The best Dehumidifiers: 10 top models

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Why are dehumidifiers needed?

The health effects of high humidity should not be taken lightly. In addition to damaging walls and causing furniture, curtains and clothing to smell bad, humidity could put your health at risk by causing dehydration, fatigue, poor sleep, muscle cramps, heightened sensation of heat and even fainting. If you or a member of your family have asthma, allergies or arthritis, the situation could be even worse.

What dehumidifiers do to address this problem is extract moisture from the air, restoring its levels to a healthier (and more comfortable) level. With less water in the air, there are fewer molds and healthier living conditions.

Key factors to consider when buying a dehumidifier

Type of dehumidifier. Refrigerant, desiccant or whole house; the type of dehumidifier will be determined by your budget and the average climatic conditions in your region.
Dehumidifier capacity. Each house has unique humidity conditions. Our suggestion is to choose centralized dehumidifiers for areas over 300 square meters, a 22 l/day unit for areas up to 280 square meters, a 17 l/day unit for areas up to 220 square meters, and a ‘9 liter/day unit for areas up to 100 square meters.
Water tank capacity. The bigger it is, the better, even for the level of maintenance required.
Continuous drainage. This is a desirable feature, as you won’t have to empty the tank every time it fills up.
Air filtration capacity. A big plus for any unit, as it will prevent respiratory ailments.
Noise level. The quieter it is, the better. Desiccant units tend to excel in this regard, especially when compared to expensive air conditioners.
Humidity control. An indispensable feature nowadays. The humidity control allows you to select the percentage of relative humidity at which the unit will stop. Think of this feature as a thermostat for humidity, rather than temperature.
Timer. A highly recommended power saving feature.
Portability. Depending on your needs, you may want a wheeled unit for easy transfer to different rooms if needed.
Energy consumption.

And here are the best models of dehumidifier recommended:

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