The best Epilator: how to choose it based on your characteristics

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The first thing to ask yourself when choosing a epilator is: what do I want to use my new epilator for? Do I just want to shave my legs, or do I intend to use it all over my body, e.g. arms, armpits, groin, etc.?

There are some epilators, mostly at the cheaper end of the price range, that are only recommended for the legs, so keep this in mind when making your choice.

If you are shaving for the first time, legs are a good place to start – epilation can be painful and takes some getting used to.

Do you want to shave your face too? If so, you have a couple of options:

  • You can buy a specific epilator for the face. They usually run on battery power for dry use, and have a slim design for traveling.
  • You can choose a general purpose epilator, designed for both the body and the face. There is a wide range available to suit all budgets.


Do you want your device to have more than one function? There are many different features included with the various epilators, to make them a more attractive proposition on the market.

A common feature is the addition of a built-in razor, to give the epilator a dual purpose. This offers obvious advantages; there’s no need to keep two devices tidy and charging – regardless of the smaller footprint, especially if you’re on the go.

If you decide to opt for a dual function epilator/shaver, make sure that the shaver head is of good quality, comes with a trimmer and comb, and has not been added simply as an incentive to purchase, or to be able to raise the price.


Budget has to be one of the most important considerations, so what do you actually need to spend to get an effective, good quality product?

The rule of thumb is that if you want an epilator that does a good job, it is advisable to use as much budget as you can afford: quality comes at a price in this case.

Wet or dry?

Another decision to make is whether you want to use a dry epilator, or for example in the shower. Obviously, in the second case, you will have to choose a cordless and rechargeable epilator.

There are advantages and disadvantages when using a wet epilator:

– Convenience: You can use it in the shower or in the bathroom, as part of your routine.
– More comfortable: can be used with normal shower gels, creams and foams, for a more soothing effect.
– Flexibility: can be used wet but also dry.
– Cordless: can be easily used anywhere.

– Less efficient: in general, epilators are more efficient when used dry, and therefore are faster in this mode.
– Rechargeable: You must remember to keep the batteries charged, and there is a possibility that the batteries will run out before the hair removal is complete.
– Cost: The cheapest epilators are for dry use only, so you will have to pay a little more.


There are different designs of epilators: with ergonomic bodies, various shapes and different handles. This is really a matter of personal preference, but keep in mind where you want to use the epilator and how you will have to hold it, to reach the part of the body you are interested in shaving.

For example, larger epilators may not be as easy to use for the bikini area, even if they have a special head, or a thinner design.


Some epilators have a built-in light, positioned to illuminate the hair to be removed in its immediate vicinity.

This can help you spot the hardest-to-see hairs – those that sit flat against the skin or are particularly thin. You will then be able to shave in a more efficient way, with less need to go over the same area over and over again.

Double speed

Virtually all epilators designed for full-body use have a double speed: slower for gentler epilation of sensitive areas, and faster for epilating larger and less sensitive areas. Battery-powered facial epilators, on the other hand, have a unique speed.

Now that you have practically become an expert in epilators, here are the 10 best on the market, selected on the basis of their characteristics and quality/price ratio: the choice is yours!

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