The best Smartband/Smartwatch in the medical field

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Wearable technological devices capable of monitoring some fundamental parameters for our health, are now widely available: they can motivate you to follow a diet or an exercise program, or simply keep an eye on your physical condition. If you have decided to exercise more, lose weight or sleep more, these resources can actually be a great help.

The most hi-tech devices that we can use in the medical field are smartbands and smartwatches: many integrate sensors such as the oximeter and a continuous heart rate monitor, very useful for monitoring our state of health, or for monitoring physical activity.

Among smartbands, the best that we can buy in the medical field – also for the quality/price ratio – is the Amazfit Band 5: with this smartband we will have an accurate heart rate monitor able to measure heart rate 24 hours a day, measure the level of oxygen in the blood (oximeter – recommended for COVID), and monitor sleep and physical activity. Nothing better to significantly increase our physical well-being.

Among all the noteworthy smartbands, which perhaps could better suit your particular needs, we have then chosen the best below:

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