The most effective Magnetotherapy Devices

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The most effective and recommended devices for magnetotherapy are reviewed in this guide, highlighting the different characteristics and prices.

Magnetotherapy is a form of physiotherapy that uses electromagnetic energy to stimulate tissue regeneration. It is widely used in the field of rehabilitation, and serves to accelerate the repair process of fractures, wounds, sores and improve the microcirculation. Magnetotherapy reduces callus formation times by up to 50%.

Low-frequency magnetotherapy is used in patients with fractures, osteoporosis and related diseases, while high-frequency magnetotherapy is used in patients who complain of arthritis pain , cartilage injuries, algodystrophy, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle problems, etc.

These electro-medical devices of reduced dimensions allow you to comfortably practice one of the most advanced cutting-edge therapies at home: magnetotherapy. Most of them perform magnetotherapy with low frequency pulsed magnetic fields.

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