The smallest, most powerful and versatile Action Cam, at an even smaller price

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Insta360 GO 2 is a thumb-sized action camera with some extremely interesting tricks up its sleeve. Its tiny 27 g body has a magnetic closure that can be used to attach it to an infinite number of mounts, and to allow it to be positioned discreetly on the peak of a cap, or on the front of a shirt. This size and versatility make it particularly suitable for vloggers, who also wish to film what they are seeing from their point of view.

The GO 2 follows the original Insta360 GO launched in 2019, but with some significant updates. Go 2 is fully waterproof to 4 meters, rather than just water resistant. It promises 150 minutes of autonomy, more than double that of the first GO. There’s also been a big increase in image quality: the GO 2 captures stabilized video at 1440p, opposed to the GO’s 1080p.

A surprising case

As with the original GO, the case is used for charging; it extends battery life from 30 to 150 minutes in Video mode, or 20 to 110 minutes in Video Pro mode, and charges the Go 2 in just half an hour. However, on the GO 2 the case does a lot more than just charging the camera. It also has tripod feet, allowing you to use it for quick group shots and time lapses. It can be used as a wireless remote control, controlling the camera up to 10 m away.

Remote control functionality

The case also has a small OLED screen and two buttons, which allow you to switch modes, change settings, take photos, and start and stop recording. However, there is no preview screen on the case or camera, which makes composing the shot difficult. Alternatively, you can open your companion app and use it to preview your shot in real time, over Wi-Fi. It’s a necessary compromise for such a small form factor, but it’s the GO 2’s only downside to a GoPro.
A hidden button on the camera itself can be used to select different shooting types and modes, via different touch gestures.

The Spider-Man of cameras

Insta360 calls the GO 2 “The Spider-Man of cameras”, and has devised a flexible range of support accessories, most of which use the magnetic spot of this little camera to attach it wherever you want.
For instance there is a magnetic pendant to hang around the neck, with the GO 2 hooked on the outside. There is also an “Easy Clip” mount that can be attached to a cap or bag strap, an adhesive-backed swivel mount, and a 1/4″ mounting point on the camera itself, where a tripod can be attached, or a selfie stick. Finally, you can also leave the camera in the case and use the bottom as a mini grip, which keeps your fingers out of sight – this allows you to take advantage of the longer battery life the case offers.
All the above is included in the standard package, but you can also purchase a set of mounting brackets, for added flexibility.
The lens are replaceable and scratch-resistant, and can be replaced with an ND filter (sold separately) to accommodate different weather and visibility conditions.

Shooting modes

The video quality of the Insta360 Go 2 exceeds 1440p, which is an improvement over the original Go’s 1080p. There are four different field of view options, ranging from a narrow “first person style” ActionView to Ultra Wide.
A selection of modes is available to help you effectively capture and inject drama into your shots and movies. In addition to Video and Photo, you also have Pro and HDR Video, TimeShift, Timelapse, Nightlapse and Slo-mo.
The standard Video mode is designed for casual shooting. It uses the stabilization built into the camera, and you can’t change the field of view when exporting clips. With this mode, the footage does not have to be passed through the Insta360 app on your phone – or Insta360 Studio on your computer – before you can use it: if you connect the camera to your computer, the MP4s will appear as on a USB stick, and the clip will be displayed immediately.
The companion app allows you to edit clips. If you’re short on time, the FlashCut 2.0 feature provides preset templates – or edits clips in a story – using artificial intelligence.

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