This Collar can save the life of your Dog or Cat

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A GPS pet tracker can save the life of your cat or your dog, should they ever run away from home.

Definitely a GPS tracker for dogs or cats is something you hope you never have to use. The device uses a built-in GPS transponder and cellular data signals to communicate the location of your pet. The idea is that if your pet escapes you will receive a notification via an app, and you will have the possibility to track its position in real time, and to track it safely. A pet tracker could also be useful if you have a pet outdoors, and prefer to keep tabs on their adventures during the day.

Since these trackers use GPS they are much more accurate than Bluetooth trackers, which only communicate their location if they are within the Bluetooth range of your phone. Some of these trackers also monitor certain biological parameters of your pet, just like a fitness tracker that a person might be wearing.

The characteristics of a good pet tracker

A good pet tracker should be easy to set up, and your dog or cat should always “wear” it comfortably. If it’s a stand-alone device it needs to be easy to attach securely to the collar, and it doesn’t have to have unreliable power controls to worry about all the time.

Almost all trackers support some sort of “safe zone“, based on maintaining a connection to a particular Wi-Fi network or base station, or staying within a defined area. When the trackers are in this area they do not activate the GPS, saving on battery life.

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