Video – A Drone and a volcano: what can ever go wrong?

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The drone in the video is the brand new (and really awesome) DJI FPV drone, and it really squeezes our heart to see it go (literally) up in smoke like this… although in doing so it gave us one of the most incredible sequences ever seen.

The wonderful FPV drone that made the video possible is this:

In the video we can see it crashing directly into the lava fountain that explodes from the youngest Icelandic volcano, the Fagradalsfjall, in the Geldingadalir valley.

This exclusive HD video offers a rare view of the volcano’s caldera and lava fountain during one of its geyser-like eruptions (by the way, the word geyser comes from Geysir – the oldest known geyser – itself derived from the verb Icelandic gjósa meaning “to erupt”).

In an effort to gain a unique vantage point and perspective of the crater, this drone was flown as close as possible to the lava river and caldera. Unfortunately, this also turned out to be his last flight, and those in the video are the last moments that the drone “saw”.

Below we have instead collected the best 10 drones on the market, perhaps not as hyper-technological as the previous one, aimed more at professionals, but certainly a valid alternative.

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