Video – An Electric Guitar that you will not be able to forget, even if you want to

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It’s not a joke: the one in the video is an electric guitar solo (if we want to call it that) that you won’t be able to forget. We are talking about “The Final Countdown”, and – I guarantee you – it will be an unforgettable experience, in the truest sense of the word. But the point is: will you be able to listen to the end? It’s only three minutes… but it feels like forever. This “interpretation” will give you the chills, literally!

By the way it seems to me that one of the musicians, for a few seconds, also played in time, but I could be wrong… the others were in time too, but with some other band in some other space-time dimension… in my opinion they didn’t even know each other.

At a certain point, on the right, the sound engineer does not want to believe it and checks the system… it seems that the whole amplification apparatus was burned during a purifying exorcism immediately after the concert, as it was irremediably compromised. Naturally, the insurance company fully compensated the organizers without batting an eye, after having seen the film.

In the first seconds of the video, children flee in terror, as the first notes rise menacingly.

You rarely see performances like this, right? After all, that poor electric guitar is not to blame, it is like a gun: it is whoever wields it who decides on its use, and it can save lives as well as be a means of mass destruction… that of the video certainly is.

And if your ears are still bleeding, at least feast your eyes on these splendid examples of electric guitar… which we hope (for them and for us) will fall into good hands someday.

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