Video – Annie Lennox: not just Eurythmics

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A few years ago Annie Lennox agreed to the use of her masters for a truly unique mashup. The singer, also known for her stance against the indiscriminate criminalization of those who download music, agreed that DJ Earworm would use the masters of her songs to make an audio/video mix, in a full Creative Commons spirit.

The result was a video mashup of the following tracks: “Why”, “Walking on Broken Glass”, “Little Bird”, “No More I Love You’s”, “Waiting in Vain”, “Something So Right”, “Dark Road”, “Sing”, “Shining Light”. These are songs interpreted by Annie Lennox as a soloist after the “Eurythmics period”, but the video includes short clips of some songs made when the singer was still performing with Dave Stewart.

Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, first with The Catch, then with The Tourists and finally with the Eurythmics, enjoyed enormous success in the 1980s. The couple was also initially linked by a romantic relationship. The name “Eurythmics” came from a system of interpreting musical rhythms through one’s body.

Annie Lennox has worked tirelessly to combat the scourge of HIV/AIDS in Africa and around the world, after the group split up.

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