Video – Biking on a frozen lake?

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What’s better than a nice ride on thin ice? Okay, maybe now a couple of other things come to mind that could be better, but if we really wanted to go for a nice bike ride on a frozen lake?

The brilliant (and slightly crazy) protagonist of the video had the idea of ​​replacing the normal tires on his bicycle with huge wheels for circular saws, in order to being able to ride on ice too… and on some other material that I can’t think of right now. But – for sure – the bike ride on the ice is out of the question!

The construction of the ice bike

Like a perfect do-it-yourself ace, the inventor has taken over the whole complicated construction phase of this ice bike (the first of its kind, for what we know) – but you can skip to minute 4:27 if you just want to see the bike in action, including the first failed attempt: the circular saw blades (sorry – the bike wheels) cut the ice making the vehicle sink… brrr… and not just for the cold!

If, on the other hand, you love pedaling, but in a slightly more conventional way, here are some ideas for rejuvenating your bicycle fleet.

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