Video – Do you need a Chainsaw? How about this one?

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The invention of the chainsaw: not for what you think

Did you know that chainsaws were originally invented to facilitate childbirth, not to cut wood? This is not a joke: before the caesarean section, if a baby was too big for a natural birth, part of the poor woman’s pelvis was removed. Initially the procedure was performed with a small knife, until – in 1780 – two doctors invented the chainsaw to make removal easier and faster, and therefore less painful. The original chainsaws were powered by a crank.

A chainsaw that cuts trees like butter

More or less gruesome anecdotes aside, if you need a chainsaw for the garden or for work you’ve come to the right place: how about this in the video, could it be okay? It is powered by an eight-cylinder engine, and cuts through a 60 cm thick tree trunk like butter.

Come on, I was joking: if you need a chainsaw here are the 10 best chainsaws you can buy… or do you really need the one in the video?

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