Video – Dog or Cat Hair is no longer a problem: use your Washing Machine and this product

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If you live in a house with a dog or a cat that sheds, wearing something black is a real challenge. As a matter of fact: if you live with a pet, you have hair everywhere. Fortunately, it is possible to bring the situation back under control, for example by using products such as the FurZapper Pet Hair Remover.

A hair catcher that can be used in the washing machine

Safe and reusable, this silicone hair catcher can finally rid your clothes of pet hair once and for all. Or at least until the next wash cycle.

The process is elegantly simple. Just put FurZapper in the washing machine, and let it do its job. The sticky surface begins to rotate during washing, detaching pet hair from clothes, so that they are rinsed away down the drain. FurZapper is hypoallergenic.

Save time, detergent and electricity

There is no need to rinse clothes over and over again to free them of all pet hair, whether they are from dogs or cats: FurZapper eliminates them in one wash, saving time, detergent and costs of utilities.

There are, of course, a number of similar products – here is a brief review of the best pet haircatchers, along with the original.

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