Video – Electric Surfboard: easy to carry, fun, and effortless!

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The new era of surfing, even without waves

We can actually say that the new era of surfing has arrived: the surfboard is powered by an electric motor, and this allows it to be used in any condition, even without waves.

These electric surfboards are in fact equipped with a jet propulsion system, activated by a wireless handheld remote control, and are intended to replace conventional surfboards.

How easy is it to ride an electric surfboard?

Surfing on one of these boards is much easier than on a standard surfboard – to put things in perspective, an electric surfboard is probably as easy to ride as a jet ski.

Some more advanced electric surfboards are also equipped with GPS systems that plot the route, calculate the remaining battery level based on the rider’s position, and notify them when it is best to return to the mainland safely.

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