Video – Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp not working?

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On October 4, 2021, millions of users saw the services of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook literally disappear from their PCs and smartphones. Many turned to Twitter to report that they were no longer able to access the aforementioned sites. News agencies Reuters and AFP confirmed that the outage impacted tens of millions of users.

The video below explains what happened: it was practically a “suicide” on the part of the Facebook servers, which in practice isolated themselves from the rest of the Internet network, due to a configuration error.

After about six hours the problem was solved: it is estimated that this disruption cost Zuckerberg about $ 6 billion due to the consequent decline in Facebook shares on Wall Street, slipping him among other things to fifth place in the ranking of the richest men on the planet, behind Bill Gates. It was one of the social media giant’s worst outages.

So far the longest disservice in the history of Facebook occurred on March 13, 2019, with 14 consecutive hours of stop: a record.

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