Video – Salt Lamps to improve the air quality of your home, boost your mood, help you sleep?

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Salt lamps to provide health benefits?

Salt lamps are decorative lights you can buy for your home. They are carved out of salt and believed to have various health benefits, have a distinctive look and emit a warming, pink glow when lit.

Salt lamps are said to provide health benefits because they are “natural ionizers“, meaning they change the electrical charge of the circulating air. It’s suggested that salt lamps may produce ions by attracting water particles that evaporate off salt when heated by the lamp, forming mostly negative ions.

What are ions?

Ions are compounds that carry a charge because they have an unbalanced number of protons or electrons, and are produced naturally in the air when alterations occur in the atmosphere. For example, waterfalls, waves, storms, natural radioactivity and heat all produce air ions.

A relaxing atmosphere? Yes

However, many people choose to buy salt lamps simply because they like the way they look and enjoy the ambiance that pink light creates in their homes. Meanwhile, others find their supposed health benefits alluring.

They are definitely attractive, and make a nice ambiance: they can help create a relaxing atmosphere that helps you unwind. If you struggle to sleep, using a salt lamp dim light in the evening may help you get to sleep faster. Overall, these points may make them a great addition to your home.

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