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Insta360 One RS represents a big upgrade over the previous model: its modular design had already allowed it to switch from a regular 4K action camera to a 360 camera, eliminating the need to buy two separate devices. This new model takes that recipe and refines it significantly, improving the overall design and performance of the main camera module, with better image and audio quality, and better video stabilization.

The advantages of Insta360 One RS

Insta360 One RS is available in different configurations. The dual kit includes the new f/2.4 “4K Boost Lens”, the f/2.0 360 degree lens, the battery and the new core module.
If you don’t want the 360 ​​module, the 4K edition is much cheaper. The 1-inch edition includes the 1-inch memo sensor mod, core module, and battery. Finally, there is the Trio edition, which comes with accessories for 4K, 1 inch and 360 lenses. All these modules can be interconnected – a bit like in a lego. In addition, you can then attach the camera anywhere with a GoPro-style mount, for example on a helmet, bicycle handlebar, or surfboard.

The entire unit is water resistant to IPX8 standards (up to 16ft or 4.88m), and surprisingly, the new camera core is also backwards compatible with previous lens modifications. So, if you bought the dual kit in 2020, you just need to buy the 4K kit, as your old 360 lens will still work. Likewise, the new core will work with the 1-in mod.

The most noticeable update concerns the case, which is much neater and easier to handle than before. You also have an additional microphone on the main unit (so there are now 3 in total), and a bigger battery with 21% more capacity. RS now also offers three levels of stabilization: low, medium and high.

But there’s more: The new 4K Boost lens features a larger 1/2 inch sensor, 48MP, and the ability to record video at up to 6K resolution. There is also improved Wi-Fi, so clips are transferred to your phone much faster than before.

Insta360 One RS: incredible modularity

The main attraction of the Insta360 One RS is that it is modular. Both the new 4K Boost Lens and 360-degree lens produce crisp, vivid footage, and the microphone is great too. The former is a big upgrade in image quality over the One R, producing cleaner, brighter and sharper movies.

As for the video formats, you can record up to 60 fps in 4K resolution or up to 30 fps in 6K (6,016 x 2,560), while the 360 ​​lens records up to 5.7k at 30 fps. As with most other 360 action cameras, you can play back captured 360-degree footage (although you will need a compatible player to view the files) or “reframe” and play back at 1080p. Both lenses record at a video bit rate of up to 100 Mbit/sec, which is on par with GoPro’s higher bit rates.

However, those aren’t the only modes you have available. For video recording you have Active HDR, timelapse, TimeShift (hyperlapse), slow motion, loop recording and starlapse, while for photography you have burst, interval capture, night and HDR. Photos can also be captured in raw DNG format, for editing in Lightroom or similar software.

There are three different color modes to choose from, three different stabilization levels in the camera, and you can even pair your AirPods with the camera to monitor audio levels, and use your voice to start and stop recording.

Battery life is great, equating the GoPro Hero10 Black at 76 minutes when shooting in 4K at 60 fps.

Insta360 One RS: should you buy it?

The Insta360 One RS is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, combining many new features and better image quality, with a redesign that really improves usability. And if you also want to try 360° recording, but don’t want to spend a lot for an entire camera dedicated to this format, Insta360 One RS is the recommended choice, without any shadow of a doubt.

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