Video – The best dedicated Ableton Live Controllers

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If you are a digital music composer, one of the best purchases you will ever make is an Ableton controller. The best Ableton controllers will help you play, compose, and sample your musical compositions, both in live and studio sessions.

While Ableton controllers may look different, they all have the same basic design – a rectangular array of buttons. Some of these devices come with extra features, which make them even easier to use. With an Ableton controller you can really start your music production journey on the right foot, with professional – but not overly expensive – equipment.

Below we find a video from a few years ago by the legendary Professor Kliq having fun with his controller: an old version of Akai APC40 (and a UC-33e). Born and raised in suburban Chicago, Mike Else – known as Professor Kliq – has been creating electronic music since 1999, in a variety of styles and genres. All of his original works are licensed under a Creative Commons license, and are available for example on

And finally, here are the best Ableton Live controllers on the market.

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