Video – The best Washing Machine/Dryer ever

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Miele is one of the best known brands on the market in the production of household appliances, and its washing machines and dryers are undoubtedly among the best on the market.

The revolution in automatic detergent dosing

Miele washing machines are the only ones to offer automatic dosing for both powder detergent and liquid thanks to the double tank, which among other things is so large that it can only be refilled twice a year. According to the load and the selected program, the washing machine automatically picks up the quantity and type of detergent.

Ease of installation

There are Miele washing machines and dryers with front loading or top loading, built-in or free positioning, and which can be easily installed one on top of the other, with the column solution. All products are in class A or higher, and therefore allow to obtain considerable convenience also in terms of consumption.

Sturdiness and reliability over time

Miele appliances are also characterized by the extreme robustness of the components, which ensure that each product lasts a long time and can be considered a purchase forever.

Versatility also thanks to the use of steam in the washing machine

In the Miele catalog there are various models of washing machines and dryers, as well as washer-dryers. In particular, the washing machine is equipped with options and programs that use steam, for example:
Easy ironing steam option: to smooth out creases. It can be activated on most programs, both in steam jet and diffused steam mode.
Refresh with steam program: to refresh dry clothes using the diffused steam.
Steam finish: to add a final steam treatment to even just a part of the previously washed laundry.
Rapid freshness: the steam neutralizes odors and refreshes dry clothes worn a few times
Efficacy and delicacy: unique on the market, Miele’s SteamCare technology diversifies steam delivery based on the program and the load inserted. The diffused steam guarantees maximum care on delicate fabrics, while the steam jets effectively treat resistant garments that need an intensive wash.

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