Video – The ideal Electric Mountain Bike for the city

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How much could an electric mountain bike fit into everyday city life? How smooth would your ride be in urban traffic?

Many would tell you that an electric mountain bike, due to the thick tires for example, is not made for going to town. Well, simply: “no”. The sturdy tires actually provide a soft cushion for the knees, and are a lifesaver when tackling a curb, for example.

Eskute Voyager is just that. Its comfortable saddle, combined with the ride height, offers a fluid and relaxed experience even and above all in the city. In relation to city traffic, Eskute Voyager offers a smooth power transition up to 25 km/h, and once exceeded it almost feels like riding a motorcycle, so great is its stability. This electric mountain bike provides excellent cornering performance, and the feedback is soft even when you turn suddenly, as can happen in the city when an obstacle suddenly appears. The narrow handlebar is perfect for switching between cars, without the problems a wider handlebar might give us. Aesthetics? In our opinion it is simply beautiful, and clearly differs from that of other “classic” mountain bikes. The seven-speed gearbox almost like a city bike, the very powerful horn and the almost oversized headlight for a bicycle, seem to have been designed specifically for city life. The average autonomy is about 80 km, ensured by the invisible battery integrated in the frame.

Eskute Voyager is an all-rounder vehicle that embodies great comfort without forgetting a touch of style, which certainly doesn’t hurt in the city.

Of course Eskute Voyager is not afraid of the roughest routes at all, on the contrary:

Below we have then selected the best electric mountain bike models which in our opinion offer ideal performance even in a city context, and which in some way could represent fierce competitors even for our first choice: Eskute Voyager.

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