Video – The Professional Drone that needs no registration

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DJI Mini 3 Pro is truly the smallest professional drone in the world, and its features will blow your mind.

No license needed

The Mini series of DJI drones has always aimed to keep the weight below 250g, to make their flight in many countries possible without registration or training. You can literally fly them legally at no extra cost.

First-rate camera and sensors

DJI Mini 3 Pro records up to 4K60, and can shoot in HDR. The gimbal can also rotate the camera vertically, which is ideal for taking portraits and, of course, videos to share on social media, suitable for smartphones. There are also obstacle sensors for forward, backward and downward movement, as well as support for ActiveTrack 4.0. While there are no side sensors, the six present cover a good area around the drone and allow the Mini 3 Pro to automatically fly, track a subject, and avoid obstacles at the same time.

Following a subject is easy

The Mini 3 Pro has ActiveTrack 4.0, which means it’s super easy to follow a moving subject. You can use it in two modes: Trace and Parallel. The first follows your subject at a constant distance, while the second makes it fly close to the subject to be shot, at a fixed distance and angle.

A complete remote control

A new remote has been introduced, very similar to the RC Pro you may have seen with the Mavic 3, and which includes a 5.5-inch touchscreen. You are therefore no longer forced to use the phone and the DJI Fly app.

A professional video transmission system

The DJI Mini 3 Pro uses the “O3” video transmission system, which is capable of providing a 1080p30 preview up to 12km away, although it can shrink to around 1.5-3km in urban areas, where it often there is strong interference.

Flying is really easy with the DJI Mini 3 Pro

Flying the Mini 3 Pro is extremely easy. The DJI RC can quickly switch between Cinema, Normal and Sport modes. This changes the responsiveness of the sticks: in Cinema mode – for example – large movements don’t have much effect, and this helps to keep the video as stable as possible.

In summary DJI Mini 3 Pro is a really good choice. The low weight means you can fly it right away without the need for training, and without having to incur registration costs.

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