Video – The Trader who makes 66% annualized: Jim Simons

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Jim Simons is the founder of Renaissance Technologies, an esteemed quantitative trading hedge fund firm that manages approximately $ 55 billion.

Simons chaired the math department at Stony Brook University and also worked for the US Army as a cryptographic analyst, during the Vietnam War. Incidentally, he was also fired from the Army for publicly expressing views against the American war effort in Vietnam.

So far Jim Simons has donated $ 2.7 billion to philanthropic causes. His foundation is the principal funder of Math For America, and also supports research on autism.

Simons founded Renaissance Technologies in 1982 and retired in 2010, but he still plays a role in Renaissance and benefits from its funds. Renaissance is often considered one of the most successful commercial companies in the world, with returns of around 39% per year, or 66% annualized over the past three decades.

Renaissance Technologies is most famous for its Medallion Fund, a $ 10 billion black-box strategy open only to Renaissance owners and employees, on which complete confidentiality applies.

And here are two interesting interviews with Jim Simons:

Here are two specific books about Jim Simons and his Medallion Fund, and his approach to trading to say the least “miraculous”:

Finally, we have selected the 10 best books dedicated to trading and to the world of financial investments; Jim Simons will probably remain a mirage, but studying and keeping up to date, and consistently applying what you have learned without giving in to emotions or to the fashions of the moment, is the first step to financial success:

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