Video – This Cat is amazing: 26 tricks in one minute

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Alexis is an 8-year-old cat living in Austria, who just broke the Guinness World of Records world record for performing the most tricks in a minute: twenty-six, without interruption!

A world record cat

Under the guidance of his mistress, Anika Moritz, the cat performed tricks in record time that would be amazing for a cat even if performed calmly. and that include touching the nose with the left paw, crossing the paws while sitting, giving a high five and a ten, ringing a bell, pulling a string to open a can, looking left, looking right, and shaking the head to command.

And here’s what the world record cat deserves as a worthy reward for his efforts, namely the best cat food on the market… which in fact all our cats deserve, don’t you think?

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