Video – Watch Skateboarder Rodney Mullen in 1994: impressive

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Rodney Mullen is a legendary skateboarder known as the father of street skating, and one of the most influential in history.

Despite initial objections, his father bought him his first skateboard in 1977, when he was ten, on the condition that he always wear safety gear and stop skateboarding the moment he should be injured. In the same year he entered his first competition by finishing third – in the next three years he would be ranked first in every competition he entered (nearly thirty in all).

One of the first skateboarding pros

In 1980, after winning the Oasis Pro competition in San Diego, Rodney began his career as a professional skater with the Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade.

His is the creation of movements such as the Ollie on flat ground, the Kicklip, the Heelflip and the 360 Flip, which would completely revolutionize the art of skateboarding.

In 2002, Mullen won the Transworld Readers’ Choice Award as Skater of the Year, and founded the skateboard company “Almost”.

In 2003 he wrote an autobiography entitled “The Mutt: How To Skateboard And Not Kill Yourself”

In the video below we see him in 1994, in Japan, while he sends a crowd of fans into raptures.

Do you want to try to emulate his historical deeds? It all starts here:

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