Video – When did Dogs learn to speak?

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Huskies are known to be independent dogs and a bit stubborn, and when the one in the video is told to come inside, on such a beautiful cold and snowy day (beautiful for a husky)… well, the reaction is certainly not enthusiastic.

The video and the solution

I don’t know if huskies have recently learned to talk, but the video documents it without a shadow of doubt: when ordered to enter this dog begins to complain, with yelps which are clearly an imitation of a “noooooo!” of humans, and he even starts shaking his head back and forth. In the end, after a firm and definitive “no”, he decides to challenge his human friend and runs away.

A tip: next time, try to persuade your four-legged friend with the best dog food you can find (some suggestions below)… you’ll see that your pet will be impatient to enter the house, and won’t go into hiding anymore 🙂

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