What Food Supplement to take in the summer?

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Summer has finally arrived, but with the change of season the nutritional needs of our organism also change. Running, cycling, swimming, sunbathing, gardening, are all mainly summer activities which require a certain amount of energy, to which the winter months had no longer accustomed us. This is where food supplements can help.

Why are antioxidants important in the summer?

Sunburns are common in the summer season, and there is a very fine line between a tan and a mild sunburn. Antioxidants can help mitigate the damage of free radicals, and there is some good evidence that polyphenols (green tea, chocolate, wine) they can help in this regard. Eating these foods, or cooking with fresh garlic and getting a little extra vitamin C during periods of sun exposure, can likely make a difference in the amount of damage your skin takes from the sun, and help turn a burn into a beautiful tan.

The consumption of minerals and electrolytes is very important when you sweat, and in the summer

When we sweat in the summer heat we usually think of our electrolytes: sodium, potassium, magnesium… However we also lose many minerals, especially in summer: iodine, chromium, zinc and others can be lost with sweating. A generic multimineral might not be a bad idea for the summer, perhaps with higher amounts of magnesium, potassium and potentially sodium (if your diet is low in salt ). These minerals are all necessary to keep your body looking at its best, and along with hydration are indispensable for feeling good in the summer heat.

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